Value Innovations predicts Dyson’s new humidifier will be a huge hit in the US.

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New addition to the Dyson product line designed for the US winter

Courtesy: Dyson website

Sir James Dyson has a history of developing many prototypes and testing them before he settles on the final design.  According to Diana Budds article in FastCompany Co.DESIGN (see below), the AM10 Humidifier is no exception:  643 prototypes and an investment of $60MM.  It’s priced at $499.99, which raises the question, “Is this too high?”

We developed a Value Curve with Metrics to try to answer this.

Strawman Value Curve with Metrics for the AM10:

We’ve concluded the Elements of Performance (EoPs) or attributes, Family Health/Comfort, Skin Condition, Bacteria Control, Noise Level and Design are all more important than price (see the Value Curve below).  Given Dyson’s brand recognition and history of success selling vacuums, fans and hand dryers in the US, we expect the introduction of the AM10 to be Dyson’s next success.


Generated by Value Innovations, Inc. using Slalom(R) – Consistency Ratio, 12.7%

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The AM10 comes in three color combinations:  white/silver, iron/blue (see below) and black/nickel.  You can find out more about them on the Dyson website.

Courtesy: Dyson website

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Learn more about Diana Budds article “Dyson’s Bacteria Zapping Humidifier finally hits the US Market.”

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