Upcoming Podcasts: 1st video – Identifying Your Most Important Customer

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Business Leaders Podcast

…is a forum designed for Colorado-based CEOs to share WHY their companies do WHAT they do, exchange their ideas and network.

In a 3 hour session Business Leaders Podcast’s CEO and Founder, Bob Roark, and Value Innovations, Inc.’s CEO, Dick Lee explored many aspects of their businesses.  The sessions were recorded and videotaped and we expect to release  as series of podcasts over the next several months.

Bob has selected a 1′ video to peak your interest.  Before sharing the video, let’s set the stage.

The first question is, “What is Value Innovation?”  It’s…

Delivering exceptional Value to the Most Important Customer in the Value Chain

Most companies in the B32B space assume that their Most Important Customer is their direct customer and 99% of the time they are wrong.

In order to identify the Most Important Customer, you need to develop your Value Chain (each organization or functional area that lies between your organization and the ultimate end user.

Bob and Dick spent some time looking at a Denver based company, FoldedPak, that had developed an environmentally friendly packaging material, ExpandOS,  It replaces peanuts and bubble wrap. Despite it’s tremendous advantages FoldedPak was having great difficulty selling its unique packaging solution. The investors could not understand why.

It came down to the fact they had NOT identified their Most Important Customer.

Here’s are pictures of ExpandOS,

and FoldedPak’s Value Chain

and the process used to identify the Most Important Customer, using the three questions, go to our June 7, 2015 blog.

One minute Video.

In this 1′ video, Dick explains to Bob Roark how Value Innovation helped FoldedPak identify their Most Important Customer:   The VP of Operations or Logistics within the company that manufactures high margin, fragile products. ExpandOS not only fills the voids but more importantly locks the contents in place.  The contents cannot move and damage in shipping is significantly reduced.

It’s our hope you enjoy and it and are looking forward to future podcasts.

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