Disruption has become overused, is misunderstood and it suggests outcomes will be bad.  We much prefer, and use, Transformation. Outcomes will be very positive when Transformations are skillfully managed

After 2 years of research and internal discussions, we’d like to introduce our first Transformation Workshop entitled “Transformation of The Auto Industry.”  These fast-paced Workshops are an excellent way for you to understand the latest state of affairs in your industry and how you can effectively manage them moving forward.


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There are six major Transformations in full swing that are changing the automotive world.  Major industry players from auto manufacturers to Tier 1 and 2 parts suppliers to auto dealers are impacted by these Transformations and they have no control over end state.  The six Transformation Axes are:

  1. Internal Combustion Engine to the Electric Motor.
  2. Driver to Driverless
  3. Unconnected cars to full car to car connectivity/autonomous vehicles.
  4. Car Ownership to Mobility as a Service.
  5. Personal to Shared (Fleets)
  6. Dealerships to OmniRetail.

The end states/outcomes are certain the only unknowns are when and how do we get there.

Our Workshop provides information that players in the industry need to assure that they 1. Not only survive in this new world but 2. They plan for and grow their business(es).  In many cases there will be opportunities to enter new markets.

Next in the series of Workshops will be

  1.  “Transformation of The Cold Food Chain”
  2.  “Transformation of Healthcare Delivery”.

Transformation of the Cold Food Chain looks at what Transformations will dramatically reduce the 40% loss of fresh vegetables, fruit, meats and seafood that we experience in the US.

Transformation of Healthcare Delivery shares the Transformations that are in play today to significantly reduce healthcare costs, deliver critical information/updates to healthcare practitioners (nurses and doctors) and eliminate the use of paper.