The Innovators’ Club – A 1 minute video

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Arrow Electronics, a B2B, Value Added Distributor of electronic products headquartered in the greater Denver area in CO produced 12 videos in 1Q, 2014 to fill advertizing spots during TV coverage of major sporting events (e.g., The Final Four, PGA golf events, etc.).

Produced by Arrow Electronivs
Produced by Arrow Electronics

Although Arrow is the largest publicly traded company in Colorado (annual net sales, $20B), the man on the street has no idea who they are or what they do, so this move to capture their attention was a very bold move.

These commercials are the best we have ever seen on innovation and well worth the one minute it will take you to view them.  The only downside, the commercials confuse invention with innovation but that is far outweighed by a highly captivating message.  Take a look.

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