Tesla Motors’ Brand has hit its stride aesthetically with consistency across all three models (3, S and X)

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Courtesy: Tesla Motors’ website

Tesla is just 10y old and the first S Sedan rolled off the Fremont, California production line on June 22, 2012. To date Tesla’s primary focus has been on Technology Innovation and Business Model Innovation, and making 20 changes/updates to the S Sedan every week.

Tesla has been adding Brand and Design Innovation to their quiver. The S design refresh (to keep up with the newer models) shows the brand has hit its stride aesthetically—the vibe is now one of polished understatement and, most importantly, it’s consistent across all their vehicles.

We’ve captured pictures of the Tesla models from 2012 so you can see this polished understatement and consistency.

Here’s the original S:

Courtesy: Tesla Motors’ website


Here’s the latest S:

Courtesy: Tesla Motors’ website


Here are the other members of the Tesla line-up.

The Model 3:

Courtesy: Tesla Motors” website

The Model X:

Courtesy: Tesla Motors’ website


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