Value Innovations Inc

Dick Lee Ph.D.

Founder and President, Value Innovations

Short Version Richard (“Dick”) K. Lee is president and CEO of Value Innovations, Inc (Vi). Dick is a past member of the BOD and three time past chairman of the … Read More

Greg Art

Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Value Innovations, Inc

Greg has extensive expertise in New Product Development management: He is a Certified Value Innovation Process™ Black Belt and New Product Development Professional. He has a proven track record of … Read More

Value Innovations Team Members

Chris Shilling

VI Subject Matter Expert and Consulting Principal, i2e Consulting

With over 15 years’ experience in pharmaceutical R&D and Commercialisation, my unusual career path has also included law, professional musician and paper manufacturing. I am driven by a wish to … Read More

Henry L Wright

VI Subject Matter Expert and President, HLW and Associates

Henry Wright is a seasoned technology leader with over 23 years worldwide experience in product, market and operating roles including certification as a Six Sigma Executive and a Value Innovation … Read More

Michael Franchell

VI Subject Matter Expert and Executive Director of CBBIC

CBBIC™ is a not-for profit 501(c)(3) and has a group of volunteers who want to change the poor economic environment found in Upstate NY. Some of our volunteers are local … Read More

Steven Hinton

VI Subject Matter Expert, MD Hinton Sheerline Ltd

Steve Hinton, Managing Director, Hinton Sheerline Ltd. Steve is an experienced coach who works with Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Senior Executives and other leaders. He brings a combination of wide … Read More

Jane Hogan

VI Subject Matter Expert and Managing Director, twentyeight

twentyeight is completely dedicated to getting the front end of your business working.  To get you out there, engaging with customers and partners and using their insights to drive your … Read More

Bruce Janda

VI Subject Matter Expert & Co-Founder of InnovaSpec LLC

Bruce Janda brings 36 years experience as a Product Development Leader, Market Innovator, Business Leader and Technical Expert in the paper industry. He gained experience and moved up the management … Read More

Larry McKeogh

VI Subject Matter Expert and Founder, Broad Leaf Product Design

Larry McKeogh is the founder of Broad Leaf Product Design. Broad Leaf provides product management and marketing services that convert market needs into tangible products to fuel your bottom line. … Read More

Nenad Paunovic

VI Subject Matter Expert and CEO, EDGE

Nenad Paunovic is a management consultant and entrepreneur with more than a dozen years of professional experience in various Serbian and international companies and organizations. He is the founder and … Read More

Venkat Raman

VI Subject Matter Expert and Managing Director, Growth Navigators

Value Innovation is the core process in all our engagements, be it for strategic planning, business model innovation, business process innovation, service, delivery, packaging, work process, workflow, product development or … Read More

Terry Say

VI Subject Matter Expert and Founder Say Consulting, LLC

Terry E. Say founded Say Consulting, LLC. in 2005, specializing in Innovation Management, Polymer Technology and Product Development and Marketing. Say Consulting LLC partners with Value Innovations, Inc. Prior to … Read More

George M Nagle

Value Innovation Subject Matter Expert

George is a strategist and marketing executive that believes that a true focus on customers will bring revenue and fantastic profits. His experience in strategy, plan execution, sales, new business … Read More

Value Innovations Partners

John Stevenson

CEO, Simient (Brisbane, Australia) and VI Partner

  Currently John is the CEO of Simient, headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland. Simient creates integrated software solutions for government clients. We focus on delivering valuable outcomes to front line staff … Read More

H R (Pent) Penton


Innovation Insights, LLC was founded in 2005 by Dr. H. R. (Pent) Penton, and today provides consulting services, workshops and seminars on business strategy, innovation and scenario planning to Fortune … Read More

Steven Brewer

Founder Text Mining Solutions, Ltd. and VI Partner - York, England

Steve founded Text Mining Solutions, Ltd (TMS), an SME operating from the University of York, in April 2011. TMS is designed to help clients utilize information contained within unstructured text … Read More

Mark Capper

President, Kompas Strategy and VI Partner

Mark is founder and President of Kompas Strategy, a new type of innovation agency that creates breakthrough products and brands by integrating in-depth insight in a creative, design thinking process. … Read More

Paul Germeraad

President, Intellectual Assets and VI Partner

Intellectual ASSETS, Inc. (IA) is a professional advisory services firm, specializing in integrated business, R&D, and IP rocesses. IA significantly improves the revenue and profitability of companies whose products or … Read More

Larry Marine

User Experience Architect, Intuitive Design and VI Partner

User Experience Strategy, Research, and Design consultant since 1990. Considered an expert in this industry. My goal is to help companies align their business and marketing objectives to their users’ … Read More

Chad Mcallister

Founder, Product Innovation Educators and VI Partner

As a project and then product manager, I faced how challenging it is to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. This led me to learn how to avoid costly mistakes and … Read More

David Matheson

President, SmartOrg and VI Partner

SmartOrg provides browser based applications and services that help companies improve the return on R&D, new product development and other business opportunities. Portfolio Navigator™, a browser-based application, provides project teams … Read More

Alvin McBorrough

Managing Partner, OGx Consulting and VI Partner

Alvin is a Successful Business Executive, Entrepreneur, and Innovative Leader with more than 18 years of diverse industry management experience, an impressive consulting background, and a strong “hybrid” skill-set encompassing … Read More

Richard (“Dick”) S Melrose

President, Vision21 and VI Partner

Vision21 helps companies formulate and implement multifaceted business development programs that get traction quickly and achieve exceptional results. We use our broad industry experience to connect with clients on their … Read More

Mathieu Mottrie

CEO, CREAX and VI Partner

CREAX provides services and support in three main areas:  Innovation Studies, Problem Solving and Market Development: Innovation studies:  A CREAX Innovation study identifies the Next Generation of your product or … Read More

Paul O’Connor

President, The Adept Group and VI Partner

The Adept Group is a leading consultancy in New Product Development, serving clients around the world. Founded in 1984 by Paul O’Connor, The Adept Group focuses solely on helping organizations … Read More