Michael Franchell

VI Subject Matter Expert and Executive Director of CBBIC

CBBIC™ is a not-for profit 501(c)(3) and has a group of volunteers who want to change the poor economic environment found in Upstate NY. Some of our volunteers are local and others are in Los Angeles, California or Natick, Mass and as far away as Chambly, Quebec Canada. We now have companies listed that have the potential for annual sales of 1.5 Billion dollars or more. We are looking for tax deductible contributions to build CBBIC and to help launch these companies.

The CBBIC will eventually assist any entrepreneur that is in Upstate NY or wishes to locate to Upstate NY. We currently have companies that we are talking with and are willing to help them become profitable. Our goal is to create companies and jobs that will stay in Upstate NY and develop the economic base of our communities.

We believe that economic growth and stability in Upstate NY will only be achieved by a true bottom up economic approach. We want to identify, qualify and assist all entrepreneurs in Upstate NY as long as they agree to stay here to develop their company, hire locally, purchase locally and agree to give back to the organizations that helped them become a successful entrepreneur. The CBBIC is what dreams are made of. Except we are reality that will make those dreams come true.

He built a business worth 50 million dollars with an 18 percent ROI starting it in Upstate NY. He is a Provisional patent holder and founder of one company and Mike has worked in many start-up companies at the MIT incubator center and Boston. Mike was a Board member of two start-up companies for 5 years.

Mike has attended Mastering Value Innovation Workshops and has delivered VI Workshops in Upstate NY.  He is committed to using the Value Innovation Process(R) to help entrepreneurs and owners of Stage2 and 3 businesses.

Mike and his wife Carol reside in Albany, NY

Want to up your innovation game? Want to up your organization’s innovation game? Attending one of our Mastering Value Innovation Workshops is a great place to start. In 2016 we are going to change our approach. We will work with you to develop your own custom workshop that addresses your problems and you define the length and location. More information can be found in the Workshop Brochure.