Mathieu Mottrie

CEO, CREAX and VI Partner

CREAX provides services and support in three main areas:  Innovation Studies, Problem Solving and Market Development:

Innovation studies:  A CREAX Innovation study identifies the Next Generation of your product or process. An Innovation study serves as an eye opener for your R&D team. The output of the study will fill your company pipeline with future concepts and new product development ideas.

Problem solving:  The starting point of a CREAX Problem Solving study is that “Somewhere, someone has already solved your problem”. We help to solve specific problems by offering a helicopter view on existing technologies across all industries. We tailor these out-of-domain solutions to your specific challenge.

Market Development:  A CREAX Market Development study allows you to expand your business by identifying new market opportunities for your existing solutions. Using a unique systematic process, we identify new applications for existing products, materials and technologies.

CREAX is headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Want to up your innovation game? Want to up your organization’s innovation game? Attending one of our Mastering Value Innovation Workshops is a great place to start. In 2016 we are going to change our approach. We will work with you to develop your own custom workshop that addresses your problems and you define the length and location. More information can be found in the Workshop Brochure.