John Stevenson

CEO, Simient (Brisbane, Australia) and VI Partner


Currently John is the CEO of Simient, headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland.

Simient creates integrated software solutions for government clients. We focus on delivering valuable outcomes to front line staff in the public health and criminal justice sectors. We work with people who are passionate about the services that they provide. Their passion is infectious and in turn we are passionate about the solutions we provide to them. Our clients contribute to the community and our every day life. Our largest clients are Queensland Health and the NT Department of Justice.

Simient deploy our solutions rapidly and allow our clients to define what they want while controlling the budget. We utilise Design Thinking to ensure that the problems we solve are well defined. We use the Agile development methodology to provide a high quality product that focusses on the users and business value while allowing our clients to control costs and schedule.

Our solutions are based on the Microsoft stack to leverage the investment that our clients have in that technology. They can be deployed on the device that makes sense for the job at hand; smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for the solutions that we implement.


Contact John at or +61-(0)731-611-207


Simient is a Microsoft Silver Partner and focuses on two major markets in Australia:  Corrections and Healthcare.  Simient presents its Lightning Innovation Program (based on the Value Innovation Process(R)) to its clients in these markets:



Want to up your innovation game? Want to up your organization’s innovation game? Attending one of our Mastering Value Innovation Workshops is a great place to start. In 2016 we are going to change our approach. We will work with you to develop your own custom workshop that addresses your problems and you define the length and location. More information can be found in the Workshop Brochure.