Alvin McBorrough

Managing Partner, OGx Consulting and VI Partner

Alvin is a Successful Business Executive, Entrepreneur, and Innovative Leader with more than 18 years of diverse industry management experience, an impressive consulting background, and a strong “hybrid” skill-set encompassing leadership of finance, operations, strategy and management. Highly regarded by business partners, clients, and executive teams as a key advisor, creative problem solver, skilled leader, with astute process and business skills. Expert at managing and delivering cost-effective, high performance technology and business solutions – Cloud Computing, Virtualized Data Centers, Product Management, Process and Network Optimization, etc…. Proven success providing “change agent” leadership to increase revenue and operational performance. Adapt negotiator and relationship builder; guide executive teams through complex dealings, secure favorable terms, cultivate strategic partnerships, and fuse disparate interests for win-win outcomes.

OGX Consulting is a strategy and technology-consulting firm this is dedicated to helping clients target and achieve breakthrough results by creating innovative solutions that solves their most complex business problems.

As a premier consulting firm, we offer insights with the power to transform the very way your company operates. We create competitive advantage by living and breathing your business, your operations, and your ecosystem. What does that mean? OGX looks at the big picture: our focus spans your entire value network, including customers, and key stakeholders. We dig deeper and farther, beyond the obvious, with a proven combination of the latest strategic thought, experience across a broad array of market segments, and a team of experts collaborating to find the most optimal solutions to your business need.

The firm was founded in 2008 by graduates of the renowned University of Chicago Booth School of Business and still maintains strong ties with the institution. The school’s devotion to questioning assumptions, testing ideas and seeking proof is the foundation of our firm’s philosophy.

OGX is a full-service consultancy providing advisory services to both the private and public sectors.

Want to up your innovation game? Want to up your organization’s innovation game? Attending one of our Mastering Value Innovation Workshops is a great place to start. In 2016 we are going to change our approach. We will work with you to develop your own custom workshop that addresses your problems and you define the length and location. More information can be found in the Workshop Brochure.