Slalom® Software

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Developing the information to create a Value Curve typically takes weeks, sometimes months. Creating the Value Curve should not be a painful experience but using MS PowerPoint or Excel, that’s what it is. Slalom takes the pain out of creating a Value Curve.

The software allows you to:

  • Enter up to thirty Elements of Performance (EoP)
  • Enter up to six different curves
  • Define metrics for each EoP
  • Enter absolute values for each EoP for each curve
  • Select the value range you want to use for the curves
  • Enter values for each EoP for each curve
  • Rank order the EoPs using three different methods:  Delphi, Pairwise Comparison and The Analytical Hierarchy Process

Slalom pricing:

1-10 seat licenses, $99.99/seat
11-25 seat licenses, $89.99/seat
26-50 seat licenses, $79.99/seat
51-75 seat licenses, $69.99/seat
76-100 seat licenses, $59.99/seat
101-250 seat licenses, $54.99/seat
251-500 seat licenses, $49.99/seat
501-1000 seat licenses, $44.99/seat
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