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Is golf boring?

80 million millennials (18-35 year olds) think so.  Ripped Links has a vision, strategy and plans to make golf much more exciting.

Have there been other Stodgy Sports?

Yes, there have been many.  Major League Baseball and Cricket are good examples.  Ripped Links has a slide to show how Indian Premier League 20/20 has transformed cricket from “stodgy” to “exciting.”

Ripped_Links_IPL_Cricket_150212I had the great fortune to be in India for two weeks in April, 2010 when IPL cricket was being played and aired on TV in prime time. 1.2 billion Indians were literally glued to their TVs.  Being a Brit who played a lot of cricket, i  was too!

At that time there were 8 teams:

IPL_CricketWhat did they do?

IPL_Cricket_OverviewIPL 20/20 Cricket – Value Curves with Metrics for all Indians:

Having witnessed IPL 20/20 cricket, we generated a Value Curve with Metrics comparing Test Cricket (5 days), County Cricket (3 days) and 20/20.


What is the Most Exciting golf for the Spectator today?:

The Ryder Cup, The International played at The Golf Club in Castle Pines, CO. and the President’s Cup.  In all three, there’s excitement for the golfers and the crowd.

The International, conceived by Jack Vickers, founder of the Golf Club and member of the Golf Hall of Fame, used the Stableford scoring system which incents golfers to score birdies, eagles and double eagles.  It is very exciting!

But all three take 3 ot 4 days….way too long!

Ripped Links is using Value Innovation to define the New Golf:

Take a look at the “Old” and “New” fan bases”:RippedLinks_fan_Base_150212One of the most important Elements of Importance (Attributes) is time.  The Sweet Spot is 2.5 to 3h.  The regular golf tournaments, PGA, LPGA and Champions, are between 5 to 6h

Ripped_Links_Sweet_Spot_150212What is planned is tournaments with 9 young elite level golfers, both men and women playing threesomes with the winner moving on, see below.

RippedLinks_Competitor_Profle_&_Competition_150212The events are not played on a golf course.  They can be set up on beaches, downtown areas, parking lots, race tracks, you name it.  Take a look at a par 3 hole by the beach.  The golfers Tee Off from the tower on the far left and then descend to the green on the pulley system.

Ripped_Links_onthe beacj_150213Do you want to help develop Value Curves for Ripped Links?:

Contact Colin Weston, Founding Partner, Asset Developer + Experience Designer at REVIVER Sport+Entertainment.

Thanks to Colin for bringing Ripped Links to our attention.  Read more

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