On the Third Day of Christmas we developed the Value Curve

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Step 3 of the Value Innovation Process(R) calls for us/you to generate “As Is” and “Best in Class” Value Curves with Metrics.  On the third day of Christmas we generated Value Curves for children:  “The Homeless,” “Children in 3rd World Countries” and “What we’d like to see.”








The Value Curve for Children

Do these Value Curves capture what’s important to children?  Are the Elements of Performance rank ordered correctly?  It’s your call.


What these three curves point out is “A Homeless Child” and “A Child in a third world country” do not experience Christmas the way we’d like it to be.  So the question for Santa Claus (us), “What are we going to do to focus on delivering exceptional value to children and how will we deliver it?”

Tomorrow, the Festival of Lessons and Carols

From Kings College, Cambridge at 3:00pm local time.




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