Most People are Clueless about Tesla: The 4 Things I learned driving a Tesla S

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How/Why are they Clueless?

Based on the most frequent questions my wife and I are asked, here are the “Top 3” things people do not know:

1.  Who makes the Tesla S Sedan


2.  There is an all wheel drive version of the S

3.  About the Supercharger Network (145 Supercharger stations in the US; 338 globally)

Who wrote this article?

Daniel Sparks, Senior Technology Analyst, Motley Fool:  “4 things I learned about driving a Tesla for 10,000 miles”

He and his wife drove the car for 10,000 miles, from a 2.200 mile round trip to CA to driving on hilly snow packed streets) in <4 months.

The 4 Biggest Takeaways:

Charging is easier than you think

I rarely have to charge the car anywhere but home and not having to stop at gas stations is refreshing.

Only once during the 10,000 miles did I have to stop to recharge when I didn’t want to, but had to.

Tesla’s Supercharger Network is a game changer

We can recharge 50% in 20 minutes and 80% in 40 minutes. 80% of the US population is now within 150 miles of a Supercharging station.

We own the 85 kWh S and recharging is “Free for Life.”  For those who purchase the 65 kWh model, the one time cost is $2K on ordering the car or $2.5K when taking delivery

Range Anxiety is Overstated

The three things that David Sparks shared you need to watch out for are:

  • Lots of uphill driving

The screen capture taken of the 17″ LCD display shows the energy used and regenerated  during a 30 mile section of driving on I-70 in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado:


  • Freezing temperatures in a snow storm and heater use
  • A combination of both

What’s the connection to Value Innovation?

Tesla Motors embodies Value innovation in many ways:  New Business Model (sell direct, separate sales from service); Make EVs sexy (look great and they are great to drive…Formula 1 performance from a sedan that weighs over 5,000lb and seats 7); Manufacture on site (the body is manufactured on site starting with coils of Aluminum); Free fuel for a lifetime, and much more…WOW!

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