Millennials are frustrated with Large Companies

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Are you frustrated with your company?  Do you have a sense of Purpose, are you having an Impact?

Are you the CEO of a company committed to innovation?

Are you frustrated with your new recruits (Millennials) and how they behave?  Are you trying to understand what frustrates them, change what you do and how you behave?

What do you focus on?  Do you follow Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle:

Most companies focus on the “What”, then the “How” and finally the “Why.”  The “Top10” Most Innovative companies reverse this order focusing on the “Why”, then the “How” and finally the “What.”  Standouts are Amazon, Apple and Tesla Motors.

Do we have ALL the answers?

No, but we have some and think we can help. There are solutions to make your life better and bring the excitement back to innovation in your company.  Let’s start with meetings.

How do you conduct meetings?  Do you have rules and follow them?

The purpose of your meetings is to initiate a personal, face to face environment where a team spirit is nurtured, problems are solved, new directions drafted & agreed to.

Do you have a set of meeting rules that are followed throughout your organization?  If not, here’s a checklist of ideas for you to consider:

  1. Show up to the meeting 5 minutes ahead of time so that you can socialize with your fellow meeting attendees.  “C” Level execs need to bring humility with them:

2.  Turn off your smart phone and leave it outside the room where the meeting is being held (NO exceptions – This meeting is the most important thing you MUST  be focused on now).


3.  Under no circumstances can anybody (from Millenials to “C” level executives) text, check email or go online during the meeting.

4.  Do you publish a meeting agenda at least 2 days before the meeting and send to all attendees?

5.  Do you use the “Six Thinking Hats” to reduce meeting length and focus on the issue at hand?

6.  At the end of the meeting, does the organizer summarize the outcomes, share next steps and summarize what’s been agree to?

7.  Do you publish meeting minutes?

Next Step: Part II – We’ll expand on Millennials, “What they think and Why.”

Our next Blog will help you understand why Millennials think the way they do and what leadership can do to motivate them. Want a sneak preview?  Watch Simon Sinek’s 19 minute video on YouTube

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