Innovation UAE will incorporate the Arab Innovation Summit – September 6-8, 2015 in Abu Dhabi

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Officicial_Summt_2_150523The following has been excerpted from the Innovation UAE website:

Innovation UAE will incorporate the Arab Innovation Summit, to be held under the patronage of the Government of the UAE, hosted by Education Minister H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi.

The summit is aimed at demonstrating the importance of innovation in education and the skills development of young people.

This landmark event will bring together ministers and senior officials for education, higher education, science and ICT from all participating countries of the Middle East & North Africa. H.E. Hussain Al Hammadi will be personally inviting ministers from across the region in coordination with summit organisers, ArabBrains.

Key stakeholders participating in the summit will also include leading regional universities and a consortium of private schools.

Sponsors and Partners include:

Acer, Autodesk, Avaya, Bi-Bright, binarylogic, Blackboard, Brother, Cambridge University Press, Cisco, Elsevier, Epson, Festo, Goodle, Hodder Education, hp, IBM, Intel Education, ITS, JS Group, Lego Education, Lenovo, MacMillan, McGraw Hill Education, Microsoft, mmPublications, Oracle, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Ricoh, Samsung, Sharp, SIV Dubai, Smart, SSAT Education, teashersmedia, International, TQ, Vodacom, Wacom and Wiley.

Shots from prior Innovation UAE Summits:


Innovate_UAE_Photo3_150523Innovate_UAE_Photo2_1505232015 Summit Summary:

Summit_Suumary_150523Invitations have been sent to 41 representatives from 16 countries:


HE Dr Nouria Benghebrit, National Education
HE Mohamed Mebarki, Higher Education & Scientific Research


HE Dr Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, Education


HE Dr Muheb Mahmood Al Rafa’I, Education
HE El-Sayed Abdel-Khalek, Higher Education
HE Dr Mohammed Ahmed Yusuf, Technical Education & Training
HE Dr Sherif Hammad, Scientific Research
HE Eng Khalid Ali Najm, ICT


HE Dr Mohammed Mahmood Iqbal, Education
HE Dr Hussein Al-Shahristani, Higher Education
HE Eng Faris Yousif Jajou, Science & Technology
HE Pishtiwan Sadiq, Education, KRG
HE Dr Yousif M Goran, Higher Education, KRG


HE Prof Mohammed Thneibat, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education
HE Prof Labib Khadra, Higher Education & Scientific Research
HE Majd Shweikeh, ICT


HE Dr Bader Hamad Al-Essa, Education & Higher Education


HE Elias Bou Saab, Education & Higher Education


HE Kahlifa Mesbah al-Sarawi, Education
HE Dr Abdul Mon’im al Dali, Higher Education



HE Dr Rachid Belmokhtar, Education & Vocational Training
HE Dr Lahcen Daoudi, Higher Education & ScientificResearch
HE Dr Abdeslam Seddiki, Employment & Social Affairs


HE Dr Madiha bint Ahmed Al Shibaniyah, Education
HE Dr Rawya Bint Saud Al-Busaidi, Higher Education


HE Dr Khawla Shakhshir, Education
HE Dr Allam Moussa, Telecommunications & IT


HE Dr Mohammed Abdul Wahed Al-Hammadi, Education
HE Dr Hessa Al-Jaber, ICT


HE Azzam bin Mohammed Al-Dakhil, Education
HE Ahmad bin Mohammad Al Saif, Deputy Higher Education
HE Nora Al-Faiz, Vice Minister of Education (Girls)
HE Mohammad Al-Suwaiyel, Telecommunications


HE Souad Abelrazig M Seed, Education


HE Neji Jalloul, Education
HE Chiheb Bouden, Higher Education & Scientific Research
HE Noomane Fehri, Communications & Digital Economy
HE Zied Ladhari, Employment & Vocational Training


HE Abdulateef Haidar, Education
HE Dr Muhammad bin Muhammad Yahya Mutahar, Higher Education & Scientific Research
HE Prof Abdulrazzak Al-Ashwal, Technical Education & Vocational Training

Expected Attendance:

Innovate_UAE_Innovation_Summit_stats_150516The centerpiece of events, organized by ArabBrains, are the pre scheduled meetings that allow industry partners and delegates to maximize return on their time at the summit. Prior to the event, participants receive a username and password giving access to the bespoke online scheduling system. Delegates choose their meetings and create their own agenda for the afternoons of September 7 and 8.

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