Fast Company’s “The World’s Most Innovative Companies – 2014”

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Fast Company’s approach:

….to identifying the most innovative companies is dramatically different  from PriceWtarehouseCoopers and Boston Consulting Group.  Fast Company describe it as their annual guide to businesses that matter the most, companies whose products and services can radically remake an industry.

The “Top 10”:

1.  Google

For being a $350B giant that lets loose to many innovation milestones to count

2.  Bloomberg Philanthropies

For addressing the “Top 10” causes of death.  By addressing tobacco control, they address 60% of deaths on the list.  They distributed $$452 million in 2013.

3.  Xiaomi

For reinventing the smartphone business model in the world’s largest mobile market.  Xiaomi is only 3 years old and had net sales of $5.2B in 2013

4.  Dropbox

For becoming the everything cloud.  Last year they doubled their Users from 100 million to 200 million.

5.  Netflix

For delivering great TV in a new context, using a an already proven model

6.  Airbnb

For making the most of its host.  In 2015, Airbnb will become the world’s largest hotel chain without owning a hotel.  They had 10 million stays in 2013 and sales were up 3X to $250 million.  They have 550,000 listings in 192 countries

7.  Nike

For setting a sustainable example.  Hannah Jones, VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation, led the Nike team that developed an App that helps companies measure the environmental impact of using different materials.

8.  Zip Dial

For turning a consumer cheat into an asset (make a call, let it ring twice and hang up sends a message, “I am coming home.”)  Zip Dial issues consumer brands (e.g., P&G, Walt Disney and IndiaInfoLine) a number.  The caller hangs up before the call is answered and will receive information and coupons.  416 million calls were made in 2013


For setting sights on education reform using crowdfunding (purchases products and ships them to teachers).  They’ve raised $225 million from 1.2 million donors and have helped more than 175,000 teachers.

10. Yelp

For sealing the deal with its users.  Yelp has 117 million monthly users and provides reviews of 47 million local businesses.

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