Fueling Innovation: Data/Text Mining Twitter

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Software enabling Fueling Innovation. Source: TMS Ltd and Value Innovations, Inc.

Phase I: Fueling Innovation with bEVCurrent.

What is Fueling Innovation?

In February, 2018 Value Innovations launched its weekly report, bEVCurrent.

Fueling Innovation with bEVCurrent.          Design: Kreation By Designs


bEVCurrent uncovers the “Top 3” and “Top 4-10” headlines impacting the 6 Transformation Axes bringing seismic change to the global auto industry.

Trademark of Vision21 & Value Innovations, Inc.


After 6 months, bEVCurrent had generated 72 “Top 3” headlines captured on subjects ranging from #Autonomousvehicles to #ElectricVehicles (#bEVs), from #OmniChannelRetail to Mobility as a Service (#MaaS) and #ConnectedCars to #Fleets.

Phase II: Fueling Innovation taken to next level using TMS Software.

In  June, 2018, the #iTRANSFORM team took #bEVCurrent to the next level by adding the capability to capture and text mine twitter using Text Mining Solutions’s (TMS) proprietary software. By capturing the latest relevant information across a broad spectrum of topics,  fueling innovation provides users with real time “news you can use.”


The #iTRANSFORM and #bEVCurrent team working with Steve Brewer, the Founder and Managing Director of Text Mining Solutions, Ltd. generated lists of #users (Organizations) and #hashtags to process tweets. For the period June 11 through August 11, TMS processed 5.2 million tweets and with the help of text mining, reduced this to 31K “Relevant Tweets” which were saved in the TMS database. Using a set of search criteria, Users can Text Mine these tweets to answer key questions from marketing, new business development and R&D teams relating to innovation, thereby Fueling Innovation.

Progress to date.

Generated by TMS Software


Most countries in the world, with the exception of third world countries, have posted or retweeted tweets relevant to the global auto industry since June 11, 2018.

Our latest edition of bEVCurrent shows the results to date using TMS software:

Published by #iTRANSFORM on 8/13/18


In just 2 months, TMS had processed 5.7 million tweets (an average of 68/min.) and using custom filters captured 31,314 “Relevant Tweets.”  This database can be searched and text mined using multiple filters to answer pressing questions from the “C” Suite, senior leadership, Marketing, New Business Development and R&D teams.

Search Results:

Multiple filters can be applied to generate:

  1. Custom Reports
  2. Trends
  3. Content for selected search words:

We’ve carried out 3 searches for:  Batteries, Lithium and Porsche


On entering Batteries into the Search Button, we found 126 pages of data (20 entries/page):

The exact number of entries under Batteries was 2,513:

Here are some entries listed under Batteries:


We found 44 pages (20 entries/page):

The exact count of entries captured in the database was 868;

and some entries under Lithium:


We found 13 pages of information and 257 “Relevant Tweets.”


Some entries for Porsche:

All the links are live and the “User” can access the Home Page for the organization or individual who posted the tweet and, if there is an attached report, the actual report.

Fueling Innovation:  Want to learn more?


Dick Lee – Founder, iTRANSFORM and bEVCurrent, & Value Innovations, Inc.:

dick_lee@valueinnovations.net, +1-720-291-0758, @ViRKL

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