Fuel Cell Powered Car (0-60mph, <3 sec) OKd for road testing in Germany

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The Quant e-SportsLimousine:

Quant_eLimousine_141227An article posted on the Sustainable Mobility website on December 12, 2014 shared that this car has just been approved by TV SUD for testing on roads in Germany

Some Key Statistics:

Power Rating: 600 hp
Acceleration 0-60mph, <3 sec
Top Speed, 218mph
Range, approx, 370 miles                                                                                                                                         Power source: Fuel cells manufactured by nanoFLOWCELL AG (Mfr. claims the energy density is 20X higher than lead acid battery technology)
Fuel: Water and metal based salts contained in two 200 liter tanks
Four electric motors (We assume each powers one wheel)

Cost, $1.7MM

We hope we can find out much more about this car, the technology behind it, and share this information with you over the next several weeks.

Read More  This article includes a short video (2′ 31″). After you’ve finished your review please comeback to this website to do some more exploring.  Have a great day!

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