Facebook goes over 1 billion video views/day – Next Value Innovation Workshop is Oct 23-24 in Denver

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Facebook video views grew 50% from May to July, 2014, averaging 1 billion views/day in June.  This is still far behind YouTube who claimed 4 billion views/day in 2012. They haven’t reported a daily number since. But Facebook has some distinct advantages according to Chris Gayomali, “Facebook videos hit 1 billion daily views,” FastCompany, September 8, 2014:  http://bit.ly/1uGb7f8  On Facebook, videos automatically start playing with no audio. Marketers and advertizers are excited because this feature seems to snag eyeballs and 65% of these views were on a mobile device.  Does this mean that Facebook is delivering greater value to its users than YouTube and Vimeo.  Who is the Value Innovator in the video space?

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