Don Paul, Chief Technology Officer, Chevron

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I brought in Value Innovations Inc. to determine if value innovation methodology and tools could help the three CVX technology subsidiaries (Chevron Technology Ventures, Energy Technology Corporation and Information Technology Corporation) deliver greater value to the Business Units (i.e., internal customers).

A Strategic Research project was selected to pilot the approach and tools. With Value Innovations’ facilitation and innovation tools, the project team collaboratively identified the most important customer (the asset manager, who has P&L responsibility for oil fields), interviewed asset managers around the world using a Contextual Interviewing approach, and developed a value curve with metrics based on their inputs. It took just five months (May to October, 2006) to reduce a very complex technology project down to four primary areas where the project team should focus efforts to deliver exceptional value to asset managers.

The CVX project team sees many benefits to using VI methodology, ranging from winning the support and buy-in of the BU asset managers to defining a technology roadmap that could potentially yield significant enhancements to oil & gas production from these assets over the next several years.

Don Paul, San Ramon, CA


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