Defining/Making Better Decisions and Accelerating Tech Transfer from the Federal Labs using the Value Innovation Process

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Creating a win-win-win for US taxpayers, the Federal Labs and Licensees


Dick Lee was the Keynoter at the Federal Lab Consortium Annual Meeting held April 29, 2015

The main ballroom at a downtown Denver hotel was bursting at the seams with 400 Tech Transfer and ORTA professionals.  Their primary goal is to move technology out of 300 plus National Labs in the US that are members of the Federal Lab Consortium and grant licenses to companies in the private sector.

Paul Zielinski, the FLC Chair, introduced Dick Lee, the CEO of Value Innovations, inc., at 9:05am.  Dick’s goals were:

  1. Share two case studies:
    –  FoldedPak’s ExpandOS
    –  Pharma Diagnostics
    to showcase the Value Innovation Process® (VIP) & how it helped
  2. Describe the VIP and how it can:
    –  Accelerate the Transfer Process from the Federal Labs
    –  Increase decision quality before the Transfer
    –  Deliver greater value to licensees & VCs

Primary Takeaways:

  1. Encourage the Lab Development Teams you are working with to:
    –  Think about applications earlier
    –  Work with you to develop Value Chains & identify Most Important Customers (MICs)
    –  Develop Value Curves
  2. Carry out 1st and 2nd Round Contextual Interviews with 12 MICs
    –  Six 1h interviews
    –  Recorded & Transcribed
    (as EARLY ON as you can)

Do you want to see the Keynote Content?:

Click on the screen below and you’ll be taken to the PPT deck that Dick used:

FLC_First_Page_Cover_150504Reactions to the Keynote:

Following Dick’s keynote, there were more than 20 great questions.  Dick shared, “I was impressed both by the quality of the questions and the energy of the group.  It was great to see and feel.”

Blake Sajonia, president TRSG Inc. shared, “Dick’s kevnote talk was superb.”   TRSG is an organization focused on technology transfer. Work with scientists and engineers the TRSG team has led to the successful fielding of technology, the protection of valuable intellectual property, and the formation of numerous technology transfer collaborations between DoD laboratories and industry.

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