Chevy Bolt & the Tesla Model 3 will be in direct competition

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“GM thinks its 200-mile Bolt can beat Musk’s Model 3”:

Chevy Bolt, Ian Merritt - Yahoo Autos
Chevy Bolt, Ian Merritt – Yahoo Autos

According to Steve Levine, contributor to Quartz, the Chevrolet Bolt will be a pure EV with a 200 mile range.  It is a Crossover SUV which will be powered by an LG Chem Li-on battery.  Production is expected to start in 2017.   Priced in the mid $K30’s it will compete directly with the Tesla Model 3 which is expected to be released the end of 2016.  The Model 3, a sedan, will be 20% smaller than the Tesla S and have a range similar to the Bolt.  The Model 3’s Li ion battery will be produced in the Gigafactory that is now under construction in Northern NV.

Tesla Motors and Panasonic have forecasted 400,000 Model 3’s will be sold in 2020.

It will be very interesting to see the competition between these two vehicles and how they impact sales of the BMW 3 Series,

We’ve thought about what attributes (Elements of Peformance – EoPs) are the most important to the consumer and “Top of the List” are Performance, Drivability, Design and Quality.  The Tesla S Sedan delivers greater value than the BMW 7 series on these four.  Based on this we believe the Model 3 will out perform the Bolt as well.  What do you think?  Can Chevy win the war with Tesla?  If so, how?

Read more of Steve Levine’s thoughts  January 12, 2015.

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