Value Innovations predicts Dyson’s new humidifier will be a huge hit in the US.
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New addition to the Dyson product line designed for the US winter Sir James Dyson has a history of developing many prototypes and testing them before he settles on the … Read More

MIT Technology Review’s “50 Smartest Companies” in 2015
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Last week we shared Forbes’ “Most Innovative Companies in 2015”, this week it’s MIT Technology Review’s “Smartest Companies in 2015.” MIT Technology Review’s “Top 10”:  Tesla Motors  Xiaomi  Illumina  Alibaba … Read More

Forbes’ 2015 List of the World’s 100 Most Innovative Companies
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Tesla Motors is #1 Here are the Forbes “Top 10”  Tesla Motors, 84.8% (Innovation Premium – see below) 2., 77.8% 3.   Alexion Pharmaceuticals, 72.5% 4.  Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, 72.1% 5.  … Read More

August 14: The US Embassy reopens in Havana – airbnb has great B&Bs for you!
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 WSJ Editor, Glen Hall; Photo courtesy Pablo Martinez Monisavais/Press Pool How airbnb, a Value Innovation company, launched in Cuba (basically an all cash economy, with essentially no internet or credit … Read More

The UAE announces its National Innovation Week. Congratulations! Your Commitment is Unprecedented in Innovation History
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We are pleased to share this Gulf News article published August 5, 2015: “Dubai: As part of the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy launched in October last year by His Highness … Read More

Things have gone horribly wrong at P&G. Why? It has completely lost its Innovation Mojo!
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The Myths about P&G strengths: P&G is not a marketing company.  Its strengths are not Brand Management or Product Management.  P&G’s roots go back to R&D, technology and innovation, started … Read More

New Roadside Noise Barriers Generate Electricity on Cloudy Days
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Old Generation Noise Barriers: Courtesy:  Jarba/Wikimedia Common For the last 40 years we’ve driven past Roadside Noise Barriers constructed out of cinder block, concrete, steel or wood.  They did the … Read More

New Model to overcome homelessness in NY is Working
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Overall Goal: Turn the homeless, mentally challenged and drug addicts into productive members of society. The Old Model focused on drug rehab and other support tasks.  The New Model, adopted … Read More

We’ve analyzed “Keys to Success” learned by 3 Ice Cream Startups and developed a “Check list” for you
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This great photo taken by Sydney Bensimon. Jane Porter, in her July 10 article in Fast Company wrote, “Artisanal ice cream is everywhere, with craft ice cream makers launching food … Read More

Sneakers made from plastic waste
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Adidas working with Parley For The Oceans to recover plastic from the Ocean The new shoes are the first to come out of Adidas’ recent partnership with Parley for the … Read More

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