Tony Seba predicts the Internal Combustion Engine will be obsolete by 2030 – Why? What are the implications?
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The Internal Combustion Engine (diesel and gasoline) has been the workhorse of transportation since 1910 Here’s a photo of the 5th Avenue Easter Parade taken in NYC in 1913. This … Read More

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for a Great 2016
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2015 has been a very exciting year for the Value Innovations’ team. Thank you. To all our clients, friends and members of our networks we wish you happy holidays and … Read More

Innovations For The World – BgVF – Nov. 12-14, 2015 – Value Innovations’ CEO, Dick Lee, Keynotes on Nov 12
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Over 500 attendees expected: BgVF 2015 has 37 Partners/Sponsors: There are many blue chip companies who are sponsoring the 4th BgVF.  Here are some examples: Dick Lee will be the … Read More

The 2015 “Top 10” Airlines in the World: None from Central Europe or North America
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Asian Airlines dominate – Qantas Airways back Melanie Lieberman of Travel and Liesure published her “Top 10” List and suggests we may be returning to the golden age of air … Read More

Urban Farming moving into the Home – Grove Labs Vision “A farm in every kitchen”
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Grove’s Smart Aquaponic Garden allows consumers to grow food in their home, year round The food is natural, organic and sustainably grown.  How long will it take before you harvest … Read More

2015 is The Year of the Unicorns & Mark Zuckerberg is New Establishment’s 2015 King
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Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter wrote, “At 31, Mark Zuckerberg facebook’s chairman and CEO, stands out as something of an elder statesman,” in his October editor’s letter.  “He is far … Read More

Helping reduce Obesity: A Value Curve Template for Healthier Food and Drink
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2.1 Billion of the world’s population is overweight or obese This is 2.5X the number of people that are undernourished.  Obesity is responsible for 5% of deaths worldwide: Our Weekly … Read More

Fast Company’s “The world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies”
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Here’s a sneak peak at their “Top 20”: Warby Parker Apple Alibaba Google Instagram Color of Change HBO Virgin America Indigo Slack Houzz Catapult Inventure Line Wework Gilead Sciences Tesla … Read More

Tesla products influencing the design of SpaceX’s Space Capsules
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SpaceX in competition with Russia for NASA’s business Pavithra Mohan, Assistant Editor, Fast Company Digital, in her article, “Take a Look inside SpaceX’s Spiffy New Space Capsule” Fast Feed, September … Read More

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