Millennials are frustrated with Large Companies
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Millennials Are you frustrated with your company?  Do you have a sense of Purpose, are you having an Impact? Are you the CEO of a company committed to innovation? Are … Read More

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for an Exciting & Successful 2017
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Tesla Motors has had an incredible year.  The Model S P100D is now one of the fastest cars on the planet – 0-60mph in just 2.4seconds.  Hope you find one … Read More

Visualizing The Future – Part III
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If you are viewing this blog and missed the first two parts of this three part series, take a loot at Part I and Part II first. A. AUTO DEALER … Read More

Visualizing The Future – Part II
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WHAT WE LEARNED IN PART I If you missed Part I, check it out at AT THE CENTER OF OUR CASE STUDY: LARGE US AUTO DEALERS If there is a … Read More

Visualizing The Future – Part I
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          INTRODUCTION What is, and when do you use, Scenario Planning? – You’ve experienced too many costly surprises in the past – Your organization does not … Read More

15 Forms of Innovation
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At least 15 different forms of innovation are being practiced today Most subject matter experts agree the word “innovation” is overused and misunderstood.  We are in large part responsible for … Read More

Unilever to acquire Dollar Shave Club for $1B. What does this mean for P&G?
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Unilever paid 5x sales for Dollar Shave club.  Why? Dollar Shave Club (DSC) brings two keys to Unilever: 1.  The opportunity to compete with P&G and Schick in the global razor/razor blade … Read More

100 Years of Electric Delivery Vans & Trucks
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Are there Electric Powered Trucks today? Yes.  Tesla  Motors paved the way by capturing the attention of consumers in North America and Europe.  June 22, was the fourth anniversary of … Read More

Donald Trump is mostly right! California does not have a water problem.
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Donald Trump has declared ” California does not have a drought.” The average rainfall in Los Angeles, CA is 14″, plenty to meet demand.  But when rainfall falls to 4″ … Read More

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