Byton SUV Electric Vehicle takes CES2018 by storm

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Byton SUV EV at CES2018


Byton’s global introduction proceeded as planned at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on January 7 at 3:00pm local time.  The event lasted 48 minutes and was very well attended.

Byton SUV Electric Vehicle Global roll out highlights:

Byton’s VP marketing (Henrik) shares their SUV Electric Vehicle addresses four primary Transformations:  Electric, Connected, Autonomous (Driverless) and Shared (Mobility as a Service).

Byton SUV Roll Out CES2018


Henrik then introduced Byton co-founders, Carsten Breitfeld and Daniel Kirchert driving the SUV onto the stage:

Byton SUV EV drives onto the Stage at CES2018
Byton Co-Founders
Byton CEO – Carsten Breitfeld

View the full roll out.

Byton SUV Electric Vehicle Test Ride:

CES2018 attendees could register for, and participate in, test rides.  One of our Value Innovations’ team members, Nabil Sakkab, took advantage of this and rode in the Byton SUV on the last day.

Byton SUV Test Drive area at CES2018 – 1st View


Byton SUV Test Drive area at CES2018 – 2nd View


Byton SUV Electric Vehicle Test Ride – Observations:

Byton allowed 3 people to ride in the SUV with a Byton driver.


  1. The 49″ LCD screen which covers entire dashboard is divided into three sections. The left is devoted to the driver which displays normal data and controlled via a 9″ pad on the wheel.  The mid-section of the screen is set up for the passengers in the rear seat to get information about what they are experiencing inside/outside.  They also have their own 12″ pad in the back.  The right side of the screen is available to the front seat passenger. All screens are controlled via voice, touch and hand gesture.
  2. Systems are linked to Amazon Alexa and Google.
  3. SUV is wired for G4 but it’s an easy modem switch to G5 when available. Same for WIFI and can be easily upgraded as technology progresses.
  4. Goal is to make the interior a great living experience.  Byton has spent a lot of time on connectivity aspects and looks. Health monitoring and connectivity to other devices are all part of the experience.
  5. Rode well

Opportunities for improvement:

  1. Getting in and out of the back seat was very difficult as door was pushed further to back of car and had to go over fenders. Probably needs to be redesigned for US.
  2. Riding in the back seat was like being in a truck
  3. Byton needs to spend more time on the mechanical aspects – To date, Byton has been more focused on experience especially connectivity and displays.

Carsten Breitfeld shares Byton SUV Electric Vehicle roll out plans:

Nabil Sakkab was fortunate to meet with Carsten after his test ride.  it was a very positive conversation.  There’s much to be done to meet the following role out plans:

  1. 2019 – China
  2. 2020 – USA
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