Byton launching its SUV EV at CES 2018

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Byton will unveil its new SUV Electric Vehicle on January 7. 2018 at 3:00pm PST

The unveiling will be at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Level 2, Ballroom E.  Note this is not at The La Vegas Convention Center.  More on Byton

Byton Background

  • An Electric Vehicle company, co-founded in 2015
  • Is headquartered, and its manufacturing plant is located, in Nanjing, China
  • Was launched with the help of capital raised in China (lead investor, Tencent)
  • Has offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai
  • Has technical centers in:
    • Santa Clara, CA where it employs more than 130 engineers and technical specialists,
    • Munich where the company’s design center is staffed by former employees of German luxury automaker BMW.
  • Plans to launch the Crossover SUV in China in 2019 and the USA in 2020

Company’s Co-Founders

Dr Carsten Breitfeld (COB and CEO)

Source – Byton website

Before co-founding Byton, Breitfeld had been in charge of engineering the BMW i8 EV (see picture below) and was considered one of BMW’s leading experts on electric vehicles.

Source – BMW website

and Daniel Kirchert (COO)

Source – Byton website


The company’s Tier 1 Suppliers

Key suppliers include Faurecia and Bosch to help with the development of their SUV electric vehicle, providing the company added credibility in the global marketplace.

Plans to sell and support its SUV

The company plans to launch, sell and support its SUV in China in 2019 and the USA in 2020.

We anticipate launch plans in the US will initially focus on California.  Why? They have development capability and infrastructural support in Santa Clara and The Top 3 cities for Battery Electric Vehicles and Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles sales as a %age of total new car sales in 2016 were Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco.

Is Company addressing the 6 Transformation Axes?

Value Innovations, Inc. team members and partners have defined 6 Transformation Axes that are bringing seismic changes to the Global Auto Industry (see graphic below):

Source – Value Innovations, Inc. and Vision21

These Transformation Axes are explained in a 6.5 minute video on You Tube

Based on the material published in the public domain, we believe that Byton fully understands all Transformation Axes, especially vehicle ownership (Ownership to Shared Fleets), moving from Driver to Driverless (Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles) and Unconnected to Connected vehicles.

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