Byton launching its SUV EV at CES 2018
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Byton will unveil its new SUV Electric Vehicle on January 7. 2018 at 3:00pm PST The unveiling will be at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Level … Read More

Value Innovations’ Team sends You Best Wishes for 2018
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Thank You from Our Value Innovations’ Team 2017 was a great year – the Value Innovations’ team has had great experiences with customers and partners. And we learned. We learned: … Read More

Bobcat EMEA selects Value Innovation Process
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Setting the Stage: Bobcat EMEA had been aware of Value Innovations Inc.’s Value Innovation Process and Dick Lee’s and the Vi team‘s work for some time.  We used Blue Ocean methodology … Read More

Six Transformation Axes affecting the US Auto Industry
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What is a Transformation Axis? A Transformation Axis defines the current and future end states of a major change.  The end state is known but how and when we reach … Read More

Tony Seba predicts the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) will be obsolete by 2030 – Update
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We first published this Blog on the ICE in January, 2016.  It’s been on our “Most Read” list ever since. Most of the content has stood the test of time, … Read More

Transformation of The Auto Industry – Setting The Stage
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A seismic shift is occurring in the global auto industry driven by Six Transformation Axes (disruptions). 120 years ago, there was One Transformation Axis in play:  The horse and buggy … Read More

Upcoming Podcasts: 1st video – Identifying Your Most Important Customer
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Business Leaders Podcast… …is a forum designed for Colorado-based CEOs to share WHY their companies do WHAT they do, exchange their ideas and network. In a 3 hour session Business … Read More

Millennials are frustrated with Large Companies
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Millennials Are you frustrated with your company?  Do you have a sense of Purpose, are you having an Impact? Are you the CEO of a company committed to innovation? Are … Read More

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for an Exciting & Successful 2017
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Tesla Motors has had an incredible year.  The Model S P100D is now one of the fastest cars on the planet – 0-60mph in just 2.4seconds.  Hope you find one … Read More

Visualizing The Future – Part III
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If you are viewing this blog and missed the first two parts of this three part series, take a loot at Part I and Part II first. A. AUTO DEALER … Read More

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