73% of CTOs don’t believe their companies have the tools to innovate successfully

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Do you remember this startling conclusion?

It was reported in Price WaterhouseCoopers 2014 Global Innovation 1000 Report published in October, 2014.  Are you in one of these organizations where you don’t have the innovation tools you need?

What are your options to Jump Start Innovation?

There are so many options available, it’s difficult to know where even to start.  There are at least 15 forms of innovation being practiced today.  There are thousands of books with innovation in the title. There are webinars and workshops in abundance covering creativity, Voice of the Customer, Focus groups. ideation and idea management, etc.. And there are many consultants who claim they have the magic formula using Open Innovation, Disruptive Inovation, Customer Centric Innovation, and 12 other forms of innovation.

What do we suggest?

First, determine what form of innovation you are going to pursue.  We recommend Value Innovation which is “Delivering Exceptional Value to the Most Important Customer in the Value Chain, all the time, every time”.

Second, figure out if you want to start off slowly or quickly.  If slow is better, we offer two eLearning courses on Udemy which will take you very quickly from knowing nothing about Value Innovation to an understanding of terms such as Value Chains, Most Important Customers, Value Curves etc.  And you’ll learn about six success stories using the Value Innovation Process.

…..or you could buy a copy of Value Innovation Works which was published in May, 2012

If you want to get off to a quick start, we recommend you come to one of our 2-Day Mastering Value Innovation Workshops.  You’ll be immersed in the Process and tools and come away with a firm understanding of what your path forward looks like.  For details about our May 28-29 Workshop, go to

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Want to up your innovation game? Want to up your organization’s innovation game? Attending one of our Mastering Value Innovation Workshops is a great place to start. In 2016 we are going to change our approach. We will work with you to develop your own custom workshop that addresses your problems and you define the length and location. More information can be found in the Workshop Brochure.