“6 Keys” to Enable an Innovation Culture

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We have been looking at the effects of company culture and stakeholder behavior on an organization’s ability to innovate since 1999.  The work was carried out from 1999-2006 by representatives of 40 companies that were members of the Industrial Research Institute.  Five companies (Air Products and Chemicals, Alcan Pharmaceutical Packaging, Boeing, Milliken Chemicals, and Solvay Advanced Polymers) participated in the pilot of the Value Innovation Process Assessment Tool.

Leadership, Culture and Innovation:

Sixteen years later we’ve concluded that leadership, culture and innovation are inextricably linked and the best way to change culture to enable innovation is to use the “6 Keys.”  The “6 Keys” are expanded on in this PPT deck.

Culture_2The “6 Keys”:

  1. A clear definition of Innovation that is fully understood throughout the organization
  2. A “C” level champion , ideally the CEO
  3. Buy-In across the “C” Level Suite
  4. A clearly defined Innovation Process, ideally the Value Innovation Process(R)
  5. Innovation Process training for all functional areas
  6. Innovation Process Manager

How many organizations are using all “6 Keys”?   We don’t think there’s one but there are 10’s of companies that practice at least three.  The good news, you can start making positive change today.

At the end of the presentation, there are observations/learnings from American Vanguard, Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies and Pharma Diagnostics.

More on the Industrial Research Institute (IRI):

If you are a representative of an IRI member company, you will be able to view the video of Dick Lee’s presentation on their website.  It’s 29′ long.

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