The Innovation Paradox

Your critical success factor for revenue and profit growth is unlocking unmet customer demand. The challenges your board places on you makes you reluctant to lead your company into uncharted, turbulent waters because of the risks. Innovation has become an overused buzzword. Your organization must have a clear understanding of what innovation means and you can champion the process. We recommend you adopt the following: “Delivering exceptional value to the Most Important Customer in the Value Chain.”



Some of our Success Stories



Are you the CEO of a B2B company? Your Most Important Customer is probably NOT your Direct Customer.


You can deliver value in many new ways, including business models, packaging, processes, products, services, technologies, work flow and work process to Most important Customers both inside and outside your company.


The Value Innovation Process®

The Value Innovation Process, formulated by CEO Dr. Dick Lee and the Value Innovations’ team, is world-renowned.

The Benefits

Clients’ expectations are consistently exceeded. Low value added projects are terminated, freeing up resources. It does not depend on using a ‘genius’ to conceive of the innovation. The process is embedded & changes the culture. It’s proven, simple, scalable and repeatable and can be completed in twelve weeks. It has been successfully applied in greater than 300 large to medium organisations around the world over the last 10 years.


The Value Innovation Process® is
Proven, Simple, Scalable & Repeatable