What is Value Innovations, Inc.?

Value Innovations, Inc. is a management consulting company providing a full range of solutions, software, services, workshops, webinars and eLearning courses.  At the core of everything we do is the Value Innovation Process® (VIP), methodology and enabling tools.

The VIP takes the “Fuzzy” out of the Front End of Innovation.


What is Value Innovation?

Delivering exceptional value to the Most Important Customer in the Value Chain, all the time, every time. For B2B companies, the Most Important Customers are generally not their direct customers!

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Who’s behind Value Innovations, Inc.?

Founder and President Richard (“Dick”) K. Lee Ph.D., is a recognized international expert in the value innovation field.  Find our more about Dick from his LinkedIn Profile.


Dick has built a “World Class” team of thirty Value Innovation (VI) subject matter experts and partners who lean on their extensive experience in leading marketing and R&D organizations and managing Fortune 500 business units to deliver Value Innovation to clients.  If you have a challenge with marketing, branding, technology roadmapping, product development, product management, new business development, strategic planning, portfolio management, DFSS/6Sigma, or decision making, we can assemble a team of experts who won their stripes on the battlefield, not working for a consulting company, to help you.

We have worked with >500 clients from large (Chevron, Crown Cork and Seal, Ingersoll-Rand, P&G and Sherwin Williams), to medium (American Vanguard. Brady, Nautilus, Spectranetics and Trimble) to small (Aplicare, FoldedPak, Pharma Diagnostics and Spectra Logic), to nonprofits (Compassion International).  We’ve delivered >100 Workshops in 10 countries on 3 continents.

We have 30 team members and partners in the USA, Europe and India who have the subject matter expertise to help you with any aspect of your Front End of Innovation and drive sustainable, profitable growth. Our company was incorporated in Colorado as a Chapter C Corporation in August, 1999.